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Dave Burke
Vice President of Engineering, Google

Dave Burke is a Vice President of Engineering at Google Inc, California. He oversees engineering for the Android platform. Dave also runs the software bring-up teams behind Google's Nexus phones and tablets. Prior to joining Google in 2007, Dave was co-founder and CTO of Voxpilot, an internet telecoms startup. Dave has a BE, MEngSc, and PhD all in Electronic & Electrical Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland. He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor for the UCD School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Stephanie Cuthbertson
Group Product Manager, Android Studio

Steph is the GPM for Android Studio. Prior to this she led various PM and engineering teams in Visual Studio, then worked on AWS running the PM team for S3 and storage services before joining Google in 2012.

Jose Alcérreca
Developer Programs Engineer

Jose Alcérreca is a Developer Platform Engineer at Google where he works closely with the Android Tools and APIs teams with one mission: Improving the testing experience for Android developers and help them produce awesome, solid apps.

Chris Banes
Developer Programs Engineer

Chris is an engineer working on the Android Support Libraries at Google, most notably AppCompat, Design lib and Palette. He has worked on Android things for over 6 years, from open source libraries to media apps, social networks and most stuff in between.

Yigit Boyar
Software Engineer

Yigit works on building UI widgets and improving layout performance as part of Android UI Toolkit Team. Prior to Google, he was the Android Engineering Lead at Path.com where he was mostly focused on building application architecture, real time camera filters and buttery smooth UI performance. He received his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey.

Chad Brubaker
Software Engineer

Chad is a Software Engineer on the Android Security team, where he cares deeply about protecting user data. He's the author of nogotofail, a library that makes it easy to detect misconfigured SSL/TLS stacks.

Jamal Eason
Product Manager

Jamal Eason is a product manager for Android developer tools & products at Google. He is responsible for setting the product roadmap and features that help Android developers make great apps. Prior to Google, he worked on developer tools at Intel, worked as product manager at a mobile app startup, and was a telecommunications officer in the US Army. Jamal earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from the US Military Academy (West Point), a master’s degree from UMUC, and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

Svet Ganov
Software Engineer

Svet is an engineer on the Android Framework team. He is the lead for the permissions architecture, print framework and accessibility framework. He also worked on app widgets, UI toolkit, settings and other components. He has a masters in software engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, USA and a masters in international business from the University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria.

Ian Lake
Developer Advocate

Ian Lake is a developer advocate focused on the Android framework and the Android Support Library, although you'll always find him with at least a few wearable devices on. Prior to Google, he worked as an Android developer at Facebook and Phunware. Ian received his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelors of Science in Physics from Montana State University.

Raph Levien
Software Engineer

Raph Levien is a software engineer and tech lead of Android Text on the Android UI Toolkit team at Google. He has a lifelong interest in digital typography, including a PhD in spiral-based tools for interactive font design, as well as being the designer of Inconsolata, a monospace font designed for beautiful code listings. Raph's previous work includes Google Fonts and the open source Ghostscript PostScript/PDF engine.

George Mount
Software Engineer

George is a software engineer working on the Android UI Toolkit team. His work focuses primarily on animations and transitions, including Activity and Fragment Transitions. Prior to Google, George was a developer at Nvidia, Intuit, and Netscape, working on desktop UI and server applications. George earned his master's degree from Stanford University and bachelor's degrees from Oregon State University.

Tor Norbye
Software Engineer

Tor Norbye is the tech lead for Android Studio

Brian Quimby
Business Development Manager, Google Play

Brian is a Business Development Manager on Google Play- empowering developers, startups, and companies of all sizes to find success and growth in the Android ecosystem. His previous roles at Google involved partnerships development for real-time communications products like Hangouts and Helpouts, as well as sales strategy for the Commerce organization.

When not working or volunteering, you can catch him shredding some fresh powder up at Squaw Valley!

Jeff Sharkey
Software Engineer

Jeff is a Software Engineer on the Android Framework team. Since joining Google in 2008, he's worked on Android features related to storage, data usage, and other system internals. He enjoys hacking on Linux in his free time, and is passionate about open-source software.

Joanna Smith
Developer Advocate

Joanna Smith is a Developer Advocate at Google, trying to spread the word about Android best practices. She’s got fierce Texas pride, a dog that is smaller than most cats, and a staunch dedication to helping developers create excellent Android apps.

Chris Wren
Software Engineer

Christopher Wren helps build the Android user interface, which stands at the intersection between you, your apps, and the phone. His particular focus is the notification system: helping people stay informed while managing distraction. Chris holds several degrees from M.I.T., culminating in a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Jan-Felix Schmakeit
Developer Programs Engineer

Jan-Felix is an Android Developer Programs Engineer on the Developer Platform team at Google Sydney. He has worked on the Google Santa Tracker app, bringing holiday cheer to users around the world. When J-F isn't enjoying the sunny weather down under, he is helping developers get the most out of the Android platform and Google's Geo APIs.

Andreas Preuer
Business Development Manager, Google Play

Andreas Preuer works on strategic partnerships for Google Play to help developers grow their businesses on mobile. Prior to joining Google Play, Andreas was part of the AdWords team where he started an app and games focused user acquisition team in Europe and the US following a career in corporate and business development in finance.

Stephan Linzner
Senior Developer Platform Engineer

Stephan Linzner is a Senior Developer Platform Engineer at Google. He is working on the Android Testing Support Library and his mission is to help Android Developers to build better quality apps driven by tests.

Dan Galphin
Developer Advocate

Bio Coming soon

Romain Guy
Software Engineer

Romain was an engineer on the Android framework team for years, focusing on the UI toolkit, graphics and performance. He is now working on new UI and graphics projects for Android.

Reto Meier
Developer Advocate

Reto Meier is Developer Advocate for Android and Android Studio at Google. He's been coding, writing, talking, teaching, and presenting about Android since 2007. Before that he was a software engineer working everywhere from offshore oil and gas to London finance.

Chet Haase
Software Engineer

Chet is the lead of the Android UI Toolkit team at Google, where he works on animations, graphics, and performance. He also writes technical articles, writes and performs comedy, and gives presentations at developer conferences like Droidcon London 2015.

Xavier Ducrohet
Software Engineer

Xavier joined Google in 2007 to work on Android. He’s now the lead for the SDK and Developer Tools for Android, leading the effort to unify Android apps around a single Gradle-based build system, deeply integrated with Android Studio, an IntelliJ-based IDE for Android.

Michał Bendowski
Software Engineer

Michał Bendowski is Software Engineer on the Android Developer Tools team. His main focus is improving the build system performance and the experience of writing and executing tests in Android Studio.

Alex Ruiz
Software Engineer

Alex is a Software Engineer and the Tech Lead of the "Project Support" team in Android Studio. His team takes care of the integration of Android Studio with Gradle.

Jerome Dochez
Software Engineer

Jerome is a software developer at Google and the tech lead for the Android Plugin for Gradle. He spends most of his time developing new features and ensuring the stability of the Android build system.